One platform: endless possibilities

    Collaborative core

    In pursuit of making working lives more productive we want to help take the noise out of getting work done.

    This is why Modlify includes:

    • Status updates - to keep everyone aligned with latest progress
    • Notifications - to allow people to decide what's important for them to track
    • End-to-end traceability - to keep track of what has been done, by whom
    • Integrations - to leverage your default comms tools of choice (Slack or MS Teams), trigger processes from external systems and lots more


    • In-context record of how things progressed, what blockers needed to be overcome etc.
    • Communicate updates to the people that need them, as they want them.

    Dynamic business processes

    Putting you in the driving seat of defining how you and your teams work best.

    With Modlify you can create proper business processes for any scenario that define how work gets done, who does it and what data you want to capture through the process.


    • Build and run processes unique to your business
    • Provide the foundation to measure, improve and automate
    • Auto-generate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    Flexible data foundation

    At the heart of delivering great business software is the eternal challenge of data. So, we built the Modlify platform with a super-flexible data foundation where you can:

    • Use template datasets and customise for your use case
    • Create unique datasets specific to your requirement
    • Model relationships between datasets


    • Get started fast
    • Create dynamic datastores for critical business information
    • Provide the data foundation for running business processes

    Create with AI

    Our product vision is that you can simply tell Modlify what you want it to build and Modlify will generate it for you dynamically.

    Use the AI generator to:

    • Propose dataset models where there is no template you can simply adapt
    • Propose processes for any business scenario.

    How does it work?

    Simply describe what you are trying to achieve, being as specific as possible.

    For example, simply ask for "a 5 phases deal process for managing enterprise customer sales in a SaaS business".

    The AI generator will create proposed phases along with actions and data requirements for each phase. You can then adapt to suit your specific use case.

    Integrate with existing tools

    Did you know the average number of SaaS applications hit 130 per company in 2022?

    So, its quite possible the trigger for a process could start outside the Modlify platform. For example, a lead nurture process in Modlify might want to be initiated when someone signs up on the company website.


    • Webhooks provide a way in which information can be triggered from an external app to create a record or start a process in Modlify.
    • Webhooks can also be used by Modlify to trigger an event in an external system.

    If you need help setting them up, just contact us.

    Product updates

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