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First impressions really matter.

Great employee onboarding can improve retention by 82%.

According to research, 30% of new employees leave their jobs within the first 90 days of getting hired. This has been shown to cost on average between 6-9 months' salary to replace them, taking into account recruiting and training.

Read the blog: 5 reasons why companies, big or small, should prioritise employee onboarding

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Powering better-run business

Improve operating efficiency

If your team are sitting on numerous calls, inundated by DMs, running off-system spreadsheets, there's probably room for improvement in how work gets done.

  • Use workflows to optimise how work is done.
  • Post 'in context' updates to keep people informed but save on noise.
  • Automate the repetitive tasks.
  • Capture business critical information in free-form datasets
  • Integrate workflows to keep your business information up-to-date and relevant

Eliminate siloed ways of working

Working in silos can lead to a lack of communication, coordination, and collaboration across different teams or departments. This often results in inefficiencies, duplication of efforts, conflicting goals, and a fragmented organizational structure.

Get work flowing across organisational (and data) siloes and make the whole experience better for everyone - the team, customers and suppliers.

One platform

Is the ever-expanding list of SaaS solutions costing a fortune to run your business?

Run and optimise work across the company on one cost-effective platform.

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