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2. Adapt to suit

You can adapt any process and data templates to suit the way your business runs. You can also try our AI generator.

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3. Run it

That's it. You are ready to start running your process, capturing or uploading data into your free-form datasets. Invite some colleagues to try it out.

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Hiring is a two way street. Its about cultural fit over skills and capabilities. Yet, hiring processes all too often overly focus on capability fit. Personalise your hiring process to consistently attract the best talent for your company.

Employee onboarding

First impressions really matter. According to research, 30% of new employees leave their jobs within the first 90 days of getting hired. This has been shown to cost on average between 6-9 months' salary to replace them, taking into account recruiting and training.

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Asset register

Make sure the right technology is available for new hires and turn that sequence of emails into a straightforward process for issuing and managing laptops, phones and home working equipment.

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Employee offboarding

Providing a well-planned offboarding experience - especially for a remote workforce - is key to communicating change across the company and with customers, retaining other employees and even offers the potential to turn former employees into advocates.


Pipeline tracking

Pipeline is the beating heart of sales. Right-size your pipeline process. Put in place guardrails to make sure pipeline is properly qualified. Stay informed by subscribing to the deals you care about.

Read our blog on 'Getting started with pipeline tracking.

Customer Issues

Create tickets with the information you care about for issues raised by customers. With Modlify processes you can decide specifically how you want to triage tickets and ensure consistency in the way issues are managed.



Get everyone aligned on how requirements are being prioritised. Triage the ever-expanding list of requirements with focus on what is most important, right now.

Bugs and Issues

Create tickets with the information you care about for bugs, issues and feature requests. With Modlify processes you can decide on the process that works for you be it a lightweight process or more involved one.

Software Engineering

Product Delivery

Track and manage the delivery of software into production.

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